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The challenge the cliente proposed us was to create, in a space of about 100 m2, a specific space for events inside a bookstore on Viapol Street in Seville. Half of the perimeter of the area in which we worked was glazed to the street, like a shop window, which gave the space particular characteristics. The objective was to create lighting, design and structure conditions that would enhance this area to facilitate assembly and disassembly, optimal audiovisual conditions for the development of events, as well as provide comfort and spaciousness for consultation and rest in case there was no event.
We designed a space that was open as an agora, center of culture, politics, commerce and social life of the Greeks, where they met to exchange ideas, inform, dialogue or simply talk. We devised a central element in the ceiling that would attract attention and added mobile furniture with different functions to use differently depending on the event to be held.

CASA DEL LIBRO_Event Space / Seviilla

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