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The Casa del Libro is a benchmark in Madrid's culture and is located in one of the most
emblematic buildings of the Gran Vía. The client asked us for a total rethinking of their space to
collect the new role of the bookstore in the digital age and how the point of sale is transformed
to better respond to the new challenges faced by the book and its commercialization. To do this,
we took into account the work of other major brands of reference in the book sector, and how
these spaces have evolved, and we carried out a study to identify the problems and
We opened the bookstore to the street, expanding the entrance doors to attract the public and
eliminate barriers. On the ground floor we proposed the Agora Space, a stand that became the
meeting point, dynamization and rest of the bookstore. In addition, we distribute the several
thousand volumes through the plants creating a sensory journey that travels through stories,
cinema, art, comics, essays... highlighting the novelties and commercial milestones of each

CASA DEL LIBRO_Faghship store / Madrid

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